A simple wine guide to make the most of your time at The Exchange.

When out for a meal selecting the right wine is a lot easier than you might think. The basic guidelines are the heavier the food the heavier the wine you should drink. For example, drinking white wine with fish and drinking red wine with meat.

However, the colour of wine is not as important as its origins and general characteristics. For example, Pinot Noir goes well with a wide range of foods particularly grilled foods. Our Woolshed Pinot Noir (Austrailia) is a classic ruby red wine with attractive cherry, strawberry and pomegranate fruit aromas and some subtle French oak spice. These fruity flavours pair perfectly with fish dishes, like our Blackened Salmon or Grilled Seabass as well as lean meat dishes like chicken or duck.

If you’re a fan of Pinot Noir you’ll also like Rioja. This is a slightly heavier wine from Spain. The Covilla Rioja is an elegant modern crianza from Rioja that displays beautiful ripe fruity flavours. This wine goes particularly well with our Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with Redcurrant Jus.

When eating steak, you should choose a full bodied red, such as a Shiraz. The Penfolds Private Reserve Shiraz-Cab (Austrailia) is a great choice. Another fine choice is our Louis Mosset – Crozes Hermitage (France). This powerful, deep ruby-red wine is well balanced with great red berry fruits and mixed spices.

Dry Rosé Wines pair well with lighter meats such as chicken. The Willowood White Zinfandel Rose (California) is a delicate and refreshing wine that has an underlying sweetness but can still hold it’s own with semi-spicy foods. We recommend matching it with our Marinated Chilli Chicken Pitta Pocket or our Chicken Stir fry.

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If you’re going for something with a more subtle taste, such as one of our salads or white fish, opting for a lighter wine like a Sauvingon Blanc is a preferred choice. The Waipapa Bay, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) is a classic option. This delightful sauvignon blanc is beautifully balanced with crisp aromatic flavours and pairs well with fish dishes like our Lemon Sole or Fresh Haddock. If you’re going for a fish dish with slightly stronger flavours such as our Natural Smoked Haddock, try a Chardonnay such as the Rosemount Estate Chardonnay, a true Aussie classic with vibrant fruit flavours.

Remember, these tips are just a guide, when choosing the right wine the best way is to try different combinations to work out what works for you and if you’re still not sure ask, our staff are always happy to recommend what wine to drink with your meal. Take your time with it and enjoy yourself! If you already have a type of wine you really enjoy choose it, nothing should interfere with you drinking your favourite wine!